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Various Artists -Tropical Disco Records Vol.16

Tropical Disco Records

  • $28.00

Tropical Disco presents an individual spin on a genre obsessed with its own history, gently updating the sound, they engage new audiences and delight veteran heads with nostalgic jubilation. The title track, Sartorial’s ‘Disco Biscuit’ kicks off proceedings with a simplistic yet purposeful 4/4 kick, joined by a slap bass, which is chopped and processed into a funky groove that’ll get your head nodding long before the full-force drop. Moodena's ‘Papi Chulo’ is a love letter to the spirited exuberance of past days, written by someone who knows the depth of disco tricks inside out. Swirling strings meet glassy Rhodes and unruly sax to divine effect. As the track progresses, it’s sonic mold melts, each element intertwining poetically. On the flip, Phazed Groove returns with true heads down business. The mix points inwardly, complementing the choppy, micro drums. The first minute of ‘Close To Me’ could happily run for the entirety of the track with a classy consequence, however, it smartly rises outward. Infectious vocals are met by a full-body bassline, making for Homeric, peak-time feelings. More adventurous DJs are certain to enjoy cutting Castle Queenside’s slick offering in and out of the preceding tune, teasing the crowd to breaking point before finally dropping the full groove in. The drop in tempo and true rawness is a magnificent way to round off Tropical Disco sixteenth outing, a label that currently seems unstoppable.

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Label: Tropical Disco Records