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Rhythm On The Loose -Break Of Dawn [White Vinyl] [1991]

Network Records

  • $39.00

Rhythm On The Loose “Break Of Dawn” is quite simply one of House Music’s all time classics. Producer Geoff Hibbert was inspired by seeing dawn break on an Italian coast line to draw inspiration from Moby’s anthemic “Go” and disco gem “Let No Man Put Asunder” by First Choice to create his loving homage to the UK Rave scene. Network set up a label “The One After D” to release a limited edition press of the instant classic to create demand. One of the first copies was picked up by Kevin Saunderson and his relentless playing of the track helped fuel interest in the USA. The first release on Network in 1991 established the track as iconic. That original mix is here and still sounds as fresh as ever. Perfect in fact.

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Label: Network Records