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Various Artists -Tropical Disco Records Vol.14

Tropical Disco Records

  • $19.00

Tropical Disco are back again with a diverse four tracker, proving yet again their position in the vanguard of supreme disco and house tastemakers. Label co-founder and resident DJ, Sartorial has released on all fourteen records, and more often than not, his productions are a defined highlight. ‘So Much’ is no exception, it’s functional, certainly club friendly and exudes silky class, kicking off the release like a firework in a smoked out after party. With each vocal lick momentum heightens, thanks to subtle switch ups in the bass and ever evolving, swirling pads. Moodena’s ‘All Night Long’ is a masterwork in sliced, diced and looped, soulful harmonies. Beginning with a notably Detroit swagger, teasing in tantalizing crowd shouts that dip and die throughout, joined by slap-thumb bass and shimmering synth melody to devastating effect. French house veteran Chevals makes a welcome return to Tropical Disco and kicks off side B with ‘Funky With Me’. Cheeky vocal samples, a rude bassline and cheery, tinkering piano combine to generate an effortlessly vibrant and energetic ensemble. After a string of revered releases on imprints such as DJ Spen’s Quantize Recordings, Kikko Esse & Emanuele Del Carmine pair up for their first outing on Tropical Disco. The record steers knowingly down deep street, ‘Departure’ is a seamlessly constructed, thoughtful house jam, which combines loose, evocative trumpet, breezy keys and a sultry groove.

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Label: Tropical Disco Records