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Dirtyelements Drunkdrivers -Never Give Up EP

Samosa Records

  • $29.00

TRACKLIST Add to Playlist A1: Baby Add to Playlist A2: Disco Ball (Feat. E.m.a.) Add to Playlist B1: Never Give Up (De Gama Re-Built) Add to Playlist B2: Do It Funk Add to PlaylistPLAY ALL 4 tracks Artists: Dirtyelements Drunkdrivers If Samosa Records combining with Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers sounds like a match made in heaven, then here’s the proof. Samosa Records bangs down the door of 2021 with an absolute peach of an EP from the supremely talented Tuscany based trio - Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers. This latest gem from the Samosa juggernaut features four tracks that ooze with sumptuous disco and funk fudge, sprinkled with a secret ingredient known only to these Italian masters.

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Label: Samosa Records