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Felipe Gordon - A Landscape Onomatopeya [2xLP]

Shall Not Fade

  • $65.00

Hot on the heels of two EP releases on Bristol label Shall Not Fade, Felipe Gordon is preparing for the release of his debut album on the important UK imprint. With human contact at an absolute minimum, it's refreshing to hear an electronic music record that ventures away from the machine in favour of the organic. Gordon's ability to blend complex jazz instrumentation with acid-licked basslines, golden-age house aesthetics and the cultural sounds of South America is unrivalled; creating distinctive, beautiful and exciting house records from his home in the Colombian capital of Bogota. "A Landscape Onomatopeya" was crafted through the concept of a painting; exploring shades, changes of tone, use of light. "I found myself making tons of music and wondering how to start an album process", he says, "something with more concept; a long journey between all the different musical influences in my head. I wanted to try to accomplish something with soul, deepness and an inherent melancholia to it. More organic, more human." The record - which includes the Spanish word Onomatopeya as a Colombian statement and ode to the Latin American house scene - kicks off with the early evening funk of "How Do You Spell That", the distinct sugar cane sweetness of Guaro hanging in the late sunlight. "Wes" ventures into hip hop territory; dusty boom baps, 90's scratching and live guitar provoking a vibe that lies somewhere between Dilla and fellow Colombian AvenRec before the A-side reaches its climax with a cut of Gil Scott-Heron-esque funk on "She Will Come". The B-side raises its curtain and with it comes two cuts of sublime house, each more colourful than the last. "The Colombian Excursions of House Music" does exactly what is says on the tin; fusing South American drum patterns with the creative innovation of live jazz to create a dimly lit, Latin American energy. "Momma, It's A Long Journey" maintains a more progressive vibe as it meanders through subtle acid stabs, radiant atmospherics and an oxymoronic blend of mournful, hopeful vocals.

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Label: Shall Not Fade