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Hire DJ gear - QSC, HK, d&b, Technics, Pioneer

Your next party should be remembered for a lot of things, don’t let it be crappy sound and dodgy gear.

Even if you don’t know a TRS from an RCA you can relax with your choice of pro-level PA, lighting, and DJ gear - packaged up with everything you’ll need to party.

For example, need a couple of turntables, speakers and a mixer? Check it out here.

Bigger party? Add a thumping subwoofer and moving lights and take the experience to the next level.

Don't own a car? We deliver, collect and setup. 

Don't see what you need? 

Call us to tailor a system for you - for crowds of 51 to 5,001

Contact us at: or phone 0434 133 850




 * yes, really! Ask us about our stadium grade audio systems.