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Yotogi - by Shindo

Vessel Records

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This record has soundtracked some of our most cherished memories. From ecstatic club nights dripping with sweat to soft sunrises over serene Australian countryside. When worked properly by a DJ in command, there’s nothing like it...and plenty will testify to that. Originally a dubplate pressed strictly for DJ play by an anonymous Sensei at Mole Music, ‘Yotogi’ sees the light of day through Vessel records. The record itself contains three tracks and three sound skits that recreate the atmosphere in which it was produced - deep in the bowels of Osaka, Japan. A big arigatou to Shindo for allowing us to make it available, and to our friends in Japan for sharing their honest approach to house music culture. All bandcamp copies come with a super special insert by resident artist, part-time bad boi and big daddy Gavin Fennessy. ***If ordering from Japan, it might be easier for you to order from Mole Music or Dotei Records...

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Label: Vessel Records