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Volen Sentir -The Great Escape / Elemental

Lost & Found

  • $30.00

A conceptually unified release is one where the genre, sound design, audio engineering, and melodies work together as a whole and are well-integrated. Likewise, when a concept is unified, there is a relationship among the elements and this two-track audio masterpiece, definitely fits the bill. Always looking towards the future, one of world's most influential labels Lost & Found, introduces another timeless release that induces a magnetic field of positive emotions. The innovative Russian duo Volen Sentir make their debut on famous Guy J's platform. This is due to their highly developed sense of acoustic esthetics and a blend of flavours - from Balearic and sensual electronica to progressive and nostalgic, yet futuristic version of elegant house music. Irresistible!

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Label: Lost & Found