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Tracklist Side 1 1. "Rebel Nation" (feat Anane) 2. "He Promised Me" (feat Tobbi, Tommi & Kiandra Richardson - Louie Vega remix) 3. "Love Having You Around" (feat Rochelle Fleming & Barbara Tucker) 4. "Get Myself Together" (Louie Vega remix) 5. "Dancing For Your Love" (feat Cindy Mizelle & Sharon Bryant) 6. "I Can't Stop" (feat DJ Jazzy Jeff - Louie Vega remix) 7. "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" (feat Anane & Tony Touch) 8. "Love Paradox" (feat The Martinez Brothers) 9. "Bourgie Bourgie" (Louie Vega remix) 10. "Dance (Disco Heat)" (Louie Vega Re-Touch album edit) 11. "Get With The Funk" (feat Josh Milan) 12. "Cosmic Disco" 13. "This Beat Is Mine" (Louie Vega remix) 14. "Keep On Dancing" (Louie Vega remix) 15. "Love Fantasy" (feat Cindy Mizelle) Side 2 1. "Dreamin'" (Louie Vega edit) 2. "Love Magic" (Louie Vega edit) 3. "Feel Alright" (Louie Vega edit) 4. "Out Of Here" (remastered) 5. "Don't Let Go Of Me (Grip My Hips & Move Me)" (remastered) 6. "Behind My Back" (remastered) 7. "Somebody's Loving You" (original Ray Reid 12" club mix remastered) 8. "Doin' It" (remastered) 9. "Just A Groove" (Louie Vega edit) 10. "Let's Do It" (A Louie Vega interpretation)
Label: Warner