Various Artists -Tropical Disco Records, Vol. 9 [All That Jazz', a brilliant deeply emotive styles !!


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On their ninth outing, party fraternity and disco institution Tropical Disco further establish their central place in the vanguard of contemporary disco - not only as a reputable record label, but as a swiftly ascending DJ duo playing an array of high-profile shows across Europe over the last year. Moodena initiates TD09 with 'All That Jazz', a brilliant rendering of deeply emotive styles that classily cultivates a slick and polished sound palette. Unique but instantly recognisable as a Moodena production, it’s a slyly understated A-side, laced with scorching swagger and burning slow like a Cuban cigar. As ‘80s slap-bass picks away, vivid chords cut through the mix with a potent sense of poignancy: hearing Moodena's productions feels like listening in on a jam session, imbuing the conventional nu-disco framework with a revitalised sense of spontaneity, keeping us utterly rapt in the process.