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Various Artists - Tropical Disco Edits Vol. 5

Tropical Disco Records

  • $28.00

Tropical Disco Records are back with their fifth release of the year, bringing you four killer edits from the Tropical Disco Volt. Moodena introduces Volume 5 in fine style, mustering another spellbinding composition with Gil's Groove. Sounding as swagged out as ever, it's evident form & flair comes naturally to the artist. TD comrades Moodena & Sartorial present their first collaboration on Turn It Up, neatly entwining their distinct styles, rolling basslines, cascading guitars and sultry Sax. The result is a piece of pure energy - it's hard not to do exactly what the track tells you. The disco wizard, Sartorial continues his ever growing solo output with 6 million, a righteous slab of soulful dance music that can make a dancefloor bang, as well as weep. Feel The Heat rolls effortlessly with a lush vocal that melts the loins and lays out a sonic smorgasboard of what epitomises Tropical Disco Records - soul!

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Label: Tropical Disco Records