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Various Artists/Pop Ambient 2023 [LP]


  • $56.00

A contemporary product of relentless capitalism has been a trend called slowness for several years now. In order to counteract the perceived fast pace of the times in which we live with a little deceleration, sustainability and relaxation, phenomena such as Slow Food, Slow Travel, Slow Fashion or even Slow Cruising, the tourist sailing of the world's oceans with somewhat smaller cruise ships "away from the mainstream", have been introduced into the world. Tracklisting Vinyl: 1. Gen Pop - Blue 2. Morgen Wurde - Ende Sah feat. Tetsuroh Konishi 3. Max Würden - Retrieve 4. Triola - Kupferblüte 5. Sono Kollektiv - Bolzano Sessions IV 6. Jens-Uwe Beyer - Nero 7. Sono Kollektiv - Bolzano Sessions V 8. Reich & Würden - Receiver 9. Joachim Spieth / zakè - Air 10. Thore Pfeiffer / Kinbrae - Instinkt 11. Blank Gloss - Down At The Heel

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Label: Kompakt