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Various Artists -Ohm Series #1

OHM Series

  • $28.00

OHM Series promises to round up some of the best and the brightest within the dub techno scene –and for its debut offering it has truly delivered.We have four examplary tracks of the quality to come from this series. Side A begins with Stojche, the Macedonian techno veteran. A pumping dubby techno fitting for the late night dancefloor. It follows with a cracking collaboration between Thor, the head honcho at Thule Records & Ohm, the man responsible for this release. It‘s an enigmatic dub techno journey –finely crafted as expected from those veterans of the scene. The flipside beginswith Waage, the mysterious dub techno wizard, who offers an atmospheric and meditative dub techno extravaganza. It‘s subtle, yet intriguing. The ambient dub techno legend Yagyabrings the release through the finishing line with his signature powerful glacial techno with dubby chord progression that has made him such a force to be reckoned with in the scene. OHM Series is the brainchild of the establised Copenhagen-based techno artist OHM (Bjarnar Jónsson) and was founded in 2021.

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Label: OHM Series