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Various Artists - Italo Funk Vol. 2 [2xLP

Soul Clap Records

  • $55.00

Cast your mind back to the parties in 90s Rimini, or the Tunnel Club or Magazzini Generali in Milan. Cruising in your tiny Fiat hire, drenched in that balmy Mediterranean vibe of a scene and the best- looking Italian house and funk party you’d ever experienced. But Italy has had a long relationship with funk and soul well before the 90s, that stemmed from American R&B artists appealing to Italian audiences way back in the 60s. In 70s Italy the Umbria Jazz Festival opened, at the same time the soul-funk sound of Napoli Centrale was directly influenced by the nearby American bases. Italo Disco experienced global success, with Italy’s musical pioneers coming up with the hybrid of bass over melodies. The Italian Funk

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Label: Soul Clap Records