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Tom Jarmey - Amber Glass [2xLP]

Lobster Theremin

  • $42.00

Tom Jarmey releases his debut album for Lobster Theremin sub-label Distant Horizons (formally known as Distant Hawaii) with the beautifully serene ‘Amber Glass’ LP. On Amber Glass, Jarmey draws on influences from ambient, house, breakbeat and techno, combining dusty drum sequences on top of cosmic synth patterns and classic, warm, tape-driven production. It’s a rare treat in the post-rave, home-listening dance spectrum and showcases a knack for brooding, laid-back grooves as well as a killer melody and rhythm. Chock full of breaks, bubbling electronica, deep diving tones and emotional textures, the album is a glimpse into the work of a rising producer, but one who nonetheless sounds comfortably in their prime.

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Label: Lobster Theremin