The Crashers -Flight to Jamaica   killer classic !!

The Crashers -Flight to Jamaica killer classic !!

Jam Wax

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Emotional Rescue and Jamwax return to Capo Disco with the first official release of a holy grail Caribbean disco sound. Fully licensed and remastered, there is no now requirement for badly pressed rip offs. While little is known about The Crashers, all leads point to an incarnation of the revolving house' band of Glen Adams. As often the case, the floating nature of Jamaican born labels, rhythm sections naming and renaming to fit occasions was endless. Running out of his Brooklyn studio, the otherwise known Outerlimits, Capo & The Crew or even possibly Crashers, the swinging reggae meets funk grooves are apparent. Led from the desk by label owner, producer and writer, Glenroy Adams and co-created a 12' that covers bases in one release.
Label: Jam Wax