Swoose - Introspective EP [timeless sounds with this lush EP. [Trance | Techno| Electro TIP!!

Lost Palms

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London-based, Belfast raised talent Swoose lands on Lost Palms dishing up four slices of transcendental music to get lost in. ‘Introspective’ EP traverses sundowners, sunrises and the hours in between. Swoose injects a fresh burst of life to timeless sounds with this lush EP. Opener ‘Introspective’ is bright, machine music; dreamy shimmers propelled by feel-good four to the floor kicks and spacey synths. Next up, mystical trance cut ‘Musa’ points towards Swoose’s influences. Hedonistic loops, euphoric vocals sit over driving, club-ready wiggler, a clear nod to a sound synonymous with Belfast. On the flip, stripped back ‘Smile’ is blissed out house to transport you to warmer climes. Rounding out the EP, hands in the air come courtesy of emotional ‘Lotus’. Ethereal vocals sit upon kickin’ broken beats, on this enigmatic, moodier cu
Label: Lost Palms