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Sunju Hargun Khun Fluff Syo S.o.n.s .Full Circle - Vinyan V.A Remixes

Siamese Twins Records

  • $26.00

Through aeons of evolution, the mysterious metamorphosis of the vinyan butterfly advances with a new moon: slowly becoming whole, casting sounds and echoes from one dimension to another. We witness the next cycle as it spreads its wings and emerges from the chrysalis. The eccentric landscapes and hypnotic blends of Sunju Hargun and Khun Fluff are given new capacity and perception catalyzed by Full Circle (aka Joakim and Alexis Le-Tan), S.O.N.S under his SYO moniker, and an eternal injection rework bonus. A1: Sunju Hargun - ٹرانس (Original Mix) A2: Sunju Hargun - ٹرانس (Syo Remix) B1: Khun Fluff - วิญญาณ (Full Circle's Lost In Translation Remix) The A-side features Sunju Hargun’s ٹرانس - released prior on the Vinyan cassette and now for the first time on vinyl - spinning around a warm body of transportive delays and reverberant acid textures. The steadily drifting polyrhythms send a balance of nuance and intensity off to the inner-nebula. Up next, the mysterious Seoul-based producer S.O.N.S. revisits his S.Y.O. moniker for an alternative interpretation. Leaving all subtleties behind, his rework takes off at the speed of sound, trembling into warped patterns of stubborn percussion, spirals, and even a "Koto" cameo, emerging into a sophisticated rapid-speed blend of ecstatic rhythms.

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Label: Siamese Twins Records