STEFAN FREDIN -Gryning (released by Planet Records in 1983. LTD 400 copies only !!

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"But while Tredje Mannen were geared more towards the gothic, Fredin would incorporate Lindbergs mastery of electronics towards a more gentle expression on ther debut album “Tystlåtna Äventyr” released by Planet Records in 1983. With it’s serene blue sleeve art and sophisticated pop sensibility it explored a mature and sombre approach to the new wave elements it leaned on. The stand out track was undoubtedly the minimalistic but evocative closing track “Gryning”. Using only various synthesizers and a drum machine, Lindbergs airy and melancholic composition is pierced by Fredins vocals about an early dawning over his hometown Stockholm. Planet opted to release “Gryning” as a 12” single under the artist name Stefan Fredin with another album track as B-side, but how many copies were manufactured is unclear. Between 1985 and 1988, four more singles (mainly on 7” format) were released on Planet under the Fredin Comp moniker. The pop breakthrough that they were hoping for unfortunately eluded Swedish audiences, and Fredin would soon shelf his music career in favor of his other career as a dentist. He now runs a successful private dentist office in the centre of Stockholm, and occasionally performs live with a re-united version of Trettioåriga Kriget. Fri Form now has the privilege of presenting a re-issue of the 12” version of “Gryning” along with a carefully constructed instrumental version as well as a recently unearthed demo track from that same period called “I Klockornas Tid”.
Label: Fri Form