Steel City Dance Discs Volume 19 by LB aka LABAT [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl**

Steel City Dance Discs

  • $32.00

Steel City Dance Discs Volume 19 gets you 28+ minutes with the recordings of Lyon’s master of erotic electronixxx, LB aka LABAT. Forget foreplay – for those that haven’t heard of LB, this five-play EP is the perfect place to start experimenting. Rude rhythms, spanking percussion, bang-for-your-buck bass and dirty talk vox; feel the wrath of LABAT’s French finesse in this kinetic MPC-driven House offering that explores the deep ‘n dark corners of the sound through late night and red light motifs. 303? 808? 909? It’ll have you screaming “Oh” whichever you pine. Hot hardware action is just a play away! Plug in and dial it now.
Label: Steel City Dance Discs