State Of Flux - Mercury EP [Originally released in April 1994 Glasgow's electronic music [So So Good *****

Mercury EP

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Originally released in April 1994 on Finiflex (FF1009) and fetching upwards of £70 on Discogs, The Mercury E.P. by State of Flux (Dave Clark and Roger Elliott) has long been overdue a repress; it now sees the light of day once again with fresh remaster by Keith Tenniswood. State of Flux were an integral part of the Scottish electronic music scene, during what is now considered as the classic foundational wave of British "intelligent techno". These tracks were written between 1992 and 1993, with the E.P. released to coincide with their first UK tour in 1994. With the recent death of Andrew Weatherall, a hero and legend for so many thanks to his championing of all genres of music and endlessly supportive attitude, we saw a massive outpouring of grief and love – alongside a wealth of old mixes, personal recollections and tributes. One of his most beloved ambient mixes – billed online as Massive Mellow Mix; just Andy Weatherall 2 on the tape itself – featured both Mercury and The News, and was a firm post-club favourite, still keeping heads together over 25 years since it emerged. It is largely thanks to Weatherall and his reputation that the spotlight has been recast onto all sorts of obscure or well-known music, including this E.P. The News (Analogue Mix) ***********
Label: Mercury EP