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Sleep D -Rebel Force [2xLP]


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Incienso is proud to announce our next release- “Rebel Force”, the debut album from Sleep D, the ultimate Doof Dance Duo… Across ten songs, Sleep D take us from the deep desert chug of “Red Rocks”, through the center of the best rave in town with “Danza Mart”, and “Central”, past a head-trip of styles in the deep core, and ease us back down to some kind of new earth in the final songs, including “Morning Sequence”, a beaut’ of a track featuring Kuniyuki. When it’s all said and done its big smiles and fuzzy heads all around— we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again - rated “E” for Everyone.

A Side

1. Red Rock (IV Mix)

2. Central

B Side

3. Danza Mart

4. Twin Turbo

5. Jazz

C Side

6. Fade Away

7. Reggatron

8. Morning Sequence (Ft. Kuniyuki)

D Side

9. Special Sector

10. Pearlescent Sunrise

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Label: Incienso