Silat Beksi & Daniel Broesecke -Holy Beats EP [dreamy soundscape**Tech House masterpiece. HOT !!


  • $25.00

Daniel Broesecke teams up again with old friend Silat Beksi and their signature style of smooth and playful techno is guaranteed to make your feet move instantly. In this release on Particular, a sub-label of Vivus that that is chasing a distinct sound, Daniel and Silat are creating a dreamy soundscape that will reach both the soul and the mind. Holy Beats EP kicks things off in style, with the track that gives the title. Wasting no time, a thrilling bassline makes its appereance on the first beat and you this will be a no nonsense techno track. As moments go by, more elements are added to this powerful journey until it morfs into a truly industrial techno masterpiece. On the second part of the EP we are Trapped In some mesmerising sounds with a strong layer of direct bass lines. Again, there is no nonsense here – a linear journey, taking us above and beyond and a perfect tune to get you moving on the dancefloor.
Label: Particular