Sedgwick -Rhythm and Isolation [Electro, Techno **


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The word ‘Isolation’ undoubtedly has a new weight to it. For any person, within communities, it has the ability to starve us of something essential OR positively re-calibrate an individual whose introspection can lead to creation. The title & concept of this release is simply an acknowledgement of a creative process in which going inwards can lead to the discovery of something unique. We as people move alongside technological advancements & this has the power to ‘connect & isolate’ Our personal relationships with one another also take on new forms as our tools for communication change. This inspires creative action. The human response to modern devices can result in surreal and unfamiliar expressions. In terms of music, our instant access to information from the past & engrained intuitions lead us to revisit atavistic rhythms of the past & reinterpret them with new sensibilities. We create music from the ‘Now’ that traverses the ‘Past’ with sights set on the future! Bonds created from this expression can withstand and even strengthen even when inter-continental physical distance is imposed - forcing us to look inward to investigate the true depth of relationships forged out of creative expression. Rhythm has been used for millennia to locate the deepest parts of the soul & to re/connect spirits - this is true also in the modern age. Certain feelings cannot be expressed via digital text-communications nor with words alone; Music is the answer. Connection through disconnection. The Artwork on the B-side of this record is a symbol of the individual, isolated & pinned down by the spindle, falling, spiralling, a metaphor for whatever turns you inward. The needle on the record emanates the rhythm”