SASHA - Airdrawndagger (reissue) limited numbered trifold 180 gram **audiophile translucent red vinyl 3xLP in spot-varnished sleeve !! brilliant. **

Music On Vinyl

  • $75.00

Sasha’s immensely long overdue album, Airdrawndagger, has been more hyped than a Tyson comeback fight. Once proclaimed the Son of God, it is clear to see why an album from such a prominent figure in Dance Music would be so drooled over, especially considering the fact that he has called upon the help of producers such as James Holden, Junkie XL & Charlie May just to name a few. Since his early origins Sasha has always been a musical DJ/Producer, preferring melodies and rhythm in his work, an approach that has given Sasha a magical aura in the rare times that he steps up to the decks. The magic has certainly rubbed off in this album, and following from impressive productions in the past like ‘Arkham Asylum’ and ‘Xpander’, his modern production work although quite different in it’s approach certainly reflects what he has achieved in his illustrious career. After a numerous amounts of listens to this album, what will strike you is that it’s not a normal track-by-track album – more a voyage from start to finish. Mixed and produced to perfection, not one stone in the making of this album has been left unturned. So as a collective whole, this album is nothing short of brilliant.
Label: Music On Vinyl