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Sa Pa -Vessel


  • $32.00

Thrumming deep techno abstraction from Sa Pa, chasing up spots on Marcel Dettmann’s label, plus Giegling, and a fine album with Mana with four tracks for the purists on Melbourne’s Rosa Swimming in the space between dub techno, proper, an more experimental variants, ‘Vessel’ rolls out into the depths where the sun doesn’t penetrate. ‘Wet Weather Way’ trades in mesmerising subaquatic dynamics shades away from Porter Ricks, where the crunchier, stormier flow of ‘New Music New dance’ patently take its cues, too. ‘Cultural North’ focusses the funk below the belt with kinkiest bass swivel primed for club drive in a mode of early MDR releases, and they really push out into abstract techno with the tempestuous greyscale rollick and clogged filtration systems of ‘States of Mind: The Farewells’

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Label: Rosa