Roy Blues - Brainwax EP [Deep hypnotic Progressive killer **

Gallery Recordings

  • $25.00

Be it tastes of euphoria to dark and haunting portrayals, these tracks are deliberate club rollercoasters. The EP curtain raiser ‘Heatwave’ is a hypnotic treatment, a clinic in slow techno. Next up is ‘Flashpoint’, a track purpose built for dance. Interstellar chords dart their way around rising pads and siren combinations while ‘Flashpoint’ does not let up, a record bubbling with adrenaline. Roy’s third instalment and first single ‘Brain Wax’ waxes and wanes, a wailing spell cast by a producer who’s not afraid to tackle obscure tones. This cut’s destined for the wee hours. Rounding things out is ‘Supernova’, a winding road of rattling percussion and dense synth play. Imagine a dramatic chase through space and this’d be its score.
Label: Gallery Recordings