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Rowan Gear -Realm

Muzi cartel

  • $29.00

After a long hibernation, MUZI cartel is back from the jungle, smuggling another series of gems your way, MUZI004. For their fourth instalment, they went to Southern Europe’s Portugal region, presenting you the “Realm EP” by Rowan & Gear, including a remix by Romanian public treasure Cosmjn. Let’s dive straight into Realm, the title song, carrying a smooth buildup working towards that moving groove, just with the right amount of stabs to make this a certified addition to your record collection. Moving on to “Basic Human Relation”, we have this tease making you wonder what’s coming further on. When the break hits, spacial sounds layered onto each other gives us feelings of hope and standing on a beach without worries. To top things off, we have Cosmjn’s take on the title track. “Realm (Cosmjn remix)” is a 9-minutes showcase on how a consistent bassline complementing even more consistent drums never disappoints. Warm yet subtle stabs carry you easily across the spectrum.

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Label: Muzi cartel