Rafael Cancian -Rafael Cancian Edits [disco flavor for his first outing on Razor-N-Tape. !!


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Brazilian DJ and producer Rafael Cancian delivers a veritable United Nations of diverse international disco flavor for his first outing on Razor-N-Tape. The A side delivers cheeky horns and gyrating synths with 'Ç'est La Douceur', followed by a flurry of string stabs and vocal fourishes with the Italo-tinged 'Fascino Di Milano'. On the flip we get a taste of Rafa’s native Brazilian boogie with the stomping 'Frágil', and the EP winds down with the sensual slow groover 'Besos Libres'. This is a 4-tracker of serious heat representing all four romance languages…perfect for romancing, and dancing!


A Side

1. C'est La Douceur

2. Fascino Di Milano


B Side

3. Fragil

4. Besos Libres