Polito - Ultraparallel  [Butter Sessions] **

Polito - Ultraparallel [Butter Sessions] **

Butter Sessions

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Following on from their contribution to the Butter Sessions Come Together compilation released in March this year, Melbourne’s Polito deliver their debut EP Ultraparallel. Polito is the collaboration between musicians Robert Downie and Finnian Langham and dancers Arabella Frahn-Starkie and Hillary Goldsmith. The ensemble integrates improvised techno and contemporary dance to form well-considered and captivating performances. The spirit of these performances are masterfully captured on the 12” record. On the transition between mediums, the group states; “we always aim to capture the unpredictability and liveliness of our improvised performances when we record, and try to sculpt the feeling of continuous movement which is so intrinsically tied to Polito’s identity.” Ultraparallel consists of four tracks that were extracted from studio sessions, emerging organically whilst jamming. The EP’s introduction Hornet’s Web wields mutilated samples of vocals and spoken word, paired with abrupt rhythms to forge anomalous techno. The eponymous track Ultraparallel, recorded in 2018, is a dark and brooding arrangement with a murmuring melody and an infectious recurring bassline. Polito reflects; “this track is from the first batch of studio sessions we had as Polito where our intention was to create more discrete ‘tracks’ which could be played by DJs, rather than the longform compositions more similar to the live performances

Label: Butter Sessions