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Plush Managements Inc. -Free Britnty

Plush Records, Inc

  • $30.00

Plush is back honey! We begged for more & they listened. The Plush Managements™️ sophomore serve comes fully loaded with the party-starting dance kindling. 6 tracks that come with an official warning; HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. An audio smoke machine, juiced and ready2haze an event near you. Expect Regfant and D.Tiff’s Signature sass. Norty but nice jacked up edits that make you question if the originals even existed. The record touches on something old, something new, something borrowed and FREE BRITNEY too. Undeniable straight up bass in your face 4/4. It’s positively unethical to imagine a world without that precious Plush touch, gentle but firmly fierce! rawr xx :p A1. Work Bitch (Regfant Refizz) A2. Temptation A3. Ray Of Plush B1. Slumber Party 5.0 B2. Monica Likes To Dance B3. Plush Play

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Label: Plush Records, Inc