Pillow Queen -Burns Me Up  [Techno/Breaks/Downtempo  Killer !!

Pillow Queen -Burns Me Up [Techno/Breaks/Downtempo Killer !!

Delicate Records

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Type “Was Joan of Arc” into Google and the suggested endings for this statement give you an accurate gauge of her place in pop culture: “Catholic” / “a nun” / “canonised” / “a prophet” / “French” / “a witch” and so on. Related questions to “What were Joan of Arc’s last words” on the info-sharing site Quora include “Was Joan of Arc bisexual” and “Was Joan of Arc simply crazy?” Everyone seems to agree this person was burned at the stake in 1431, but beyond that, Joan’s narrative is an enigma. It is this lack of definition that the production duo Pillow Queen harnessed for their second release, A1 - Pillow Queen - Burn Me Up A2 - Pillow Queen - Submission B1 - Pillow Queen - Resurrection B2 - Pillow Queen - Salvation
Label: Delicate Records