Piktor ‎– Acid Space EP  (Australia) TIP!!

Piktor ‎– Acid Space EP (Australia) TIP!!


  • $22.00

Romanian producer Piktor presents “Acid Space EP” for Lokomotiv’s second release. “Acid Space” imagines an interstellar alignment, complete with a driving bassline to keep you subdued on the dancefloor. Of a similar ethos, “French Kiss” forms a stylised, percussive rhythm and groove, bonded harmoniously by a soft pad reminiscent of other worlds. Fellow Romanian Sublee offers his own elegant rendition of “French Kiss”, capturing the forceful drive of the original, while augmenting a 3-dimensional beauty for the B side. The remix is characterised by an emphatic percussive ensemble and features elements of Sublee’s signature synchronisations. The release has received early support from Cristi Cons, Barac, Arapu and Gescu, circulating prominent dancefloors and continuing the wave of hype in Romania and around the world.
Label: Lokomotiv