Pal Joey -#2  (90's NYC underground house dancefloor bomb. !!

Pal Joey -#2 (90's NYC underground house dancefloor bomb. !!

Loop D' Loop

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A much in demand reissue of two of NYC born-and-bred, Pal Joey's, classics from his joint label with Reynald Deschamps, Loop D'Loop. First up, 'Party Time' which harnesses that 90's NYC underground house energy with a rawness that was to emanate through many of Pal Joey's subsequent productions. Scalpel in hand, Joey expertly crafted this sample laden groover, his trademark stuttering, off-kilter rhythms, loops and fills keeping listeners on their toes throughout, never knowing how the next phrase might unfold. On the flip, 'Raw Love' utilises a seminal disco classic as its main sample source, looping it in a way only Pal Joey's mind knows how, adding percussive hits and extra effects to create an innovative, animated and exhilaratingly rhythmic dancefloor bomb.
Label: Loop D' Loop