Mogambo (โมกัมโบ ) -Mogambo Remixed w/ Yu Su & Benedikt

Siamese Twins Records

  • $32.00

The Cobra shed its skin to welcome Yu Su and Benedikt Frey for remix explorations. Dropping in each at the flip of a Spicy red marbled 10”. Yu Su heats up Jeena from the get-go into a ravier jungle wave for the AM hours. Fusing stomping tribal rhythms and oriental landscapes as she layers intensity into the vocals of Thai vocalist Chucheewa. Aroi Mak! Benedikt Frey opens a wormhole for cats to enter space. Sending focus on the original matum elements into spiral trippy layers from another dimension. An engaging collage of resonant sounds perfectly shaped as a halftime dubby re-interpretation.
Label: Siamese Twins Records