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Millimetric / D.dan / Schacke / Hadone - A Lot Of Chaos


  • $28.00

Continuing the pursuit of making KAOS and essential label for the contemporary disc-jockey I opened the spectrum a little more with some newcomers on the label and a pioneering veteran. Mighty D.Dan provides the direct Techno drive. I issue one of the biggest hits of Milimetric which never came on vinyl (I'm really looking forward to play this). On the Flip Copenhagen's prodigal son and already well known for being trained to the floor by the KAOS followers, Schacke, delivers one of the freakiest tunes I've ever come across with. Hadone closes with his standard signature 140 rolling extatic melancholia. 4 songs that could definitely fit in an story-telling kind of set or in the most chaotic. A lot of chaos, I know.

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Label: Kaos