MICHAEL STEARNS -Planetary Unfolding LP  1981   (Ambient/Electronica TIP!!

MICHAEL STEARNS -Planetary Unfolding LP 1981 (Ambient/Electronica TIP!!

Emotional Rescue

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Tracklist A1. Movement 1 - In The Beginning A2. Movement 2 - Toto, I've A Feeling We're Not In Kansas Anymore A3. Movement 3 - Wherever Two Or More Are Gathered B1. Movement 4 - Life In The Gravity Well B2. Movement 5 - As The Earth Kissed The Moon B3. Movement 6 - Something's Moving RELEASE NOTES Emotional Rescue is honoured to reissue the benchmark in new age ambient music, Michael Stearns epic Planetary Unfolding album. Out of press on vinyl for over 30 years, here is Stearns masterful electronic symphony in 6 movements, recorded using his Serge modular synthesizer at the Continuum Studio in 1981. The culmination of years of exploration in "space" music, Stearns journey, to the album's release, was one of learning and application. Involved in music since his teens, he graduated from guitar bands in the late 60s to an increasing interest in the principles of electronic music synthesis and the physics of musical instruments. He moved from Tucson, Arizona to Los Angeles in 1975 where he performed live during movement meditation classes at the Continuum Studio. He released his first cassette album in 1977 before going on to record 7 albums during this formative period. With Planetary Unfolding, the musical ideas that Michael performed on the Serge developed into this 52-minute masterpiece of music, six movements, three on each side of the LP.
Label: Emotional Rescue