Michael Gray -THE WEEKEND (SULTRA REMIXES) Now the worldwide dance hit has had new life **

High Fashion Music

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Michael Gray’s ‘The Weekend’ has become more than just a seminal clubbing anthem. ‘The Weekend’ has become a soundtrack for many a night out, an evergreen, life anthem for a whole generation, a record that has stayed popular since the naughties through its sheer brilliance and been brought back to the attention to a new generation through social media like TikTok. Now the worldwide dance hit has had new life breathed into it new live strings/dance version from Michael himself. As Michael goes on to say in his own words: “I have been working with live strings and horn sections a lot recently and it occurred to me to try ‘The Weekend’ as a totally different concept while keeping the integrity of the original…and it worked! I got chills when I first heard Stephen Hussey’s (Soul to Soul) arrangement. I think it makes Shena’s lead vocal (and Xavier’s backing vocals ) sound so good! When I made the record back in 2004 I didn’t realize how much this record would endure and appeal to younger and younger generations in its original form alone. I still get a buzz, particularly when I see DJ’s such as Claptone and Low Steppa playing it to huge crowds. Radio play has been Michael Gray -THE WEEKEND (SULTRA REMIXES)ver the years too. It makes me smile that there are thousands of TikTok videos to it as well! A1: The Weekend (Mixtended Sultra Mix) B1: The Weekend (Sultra Mix)
Label: High Fashion Music