Memoryman aka. Uovo -DON'T MESS WITH B / PIMPIN' WITH DOLCE VITA [Two edits -strong killer groove for the dancefloor. **


  • $26.00

A little Italian flavour with the next twelve inch of edits from Stamp Records. Two edits from Memoryman aka Uovo who is the man behind the Paradise Pizza series. On the A side, the killer building groove of 'Don't Mess With B' with its piano sample and looped perfection. On the flip, 'Pimpin' with Dolce Vita' reaches Fellini heights as it combines the synth line & melody of an obscure Euro-pop hit with an original rhythm track and a beefed-up bottom end. Both tracks follow the refreshing simplicity of his recent PP 'Mou' twelve - just a strong killer groove for the dancefloor.
Label: STAMP