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Mella Dee - Techno Disco Tool EP  [Techno Disco Tool

Mella Dee - Techno Disco Tool EP [Techno Disco Tool

Warehouse Music

  • $28.00

Now three releases deep, Aitchison presents an uplifting and soulful high energy stomper; quite aptly titled Techno Disco Tool. Cloud One takes a deeper, more hard-hitting but funky approach whilst World Dance provides a darker, more atmospheric and stripped back drum tool to draw the EP to a close. Growing up in South Yorkshire, Mella Dee’s early musical influences originated from the sounds coming out of warehouses in and around his stomping ground. This soon developed into a love of the burgeoning scene and audio palette from warehouse parties worldwide; hardcore, house, bleeps, techno and everything in between. With a respectful nod to the impact this had on him, Aitchison strives to create his own take on warehouse music with his new project.

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Label: Warehouse Music