Malik Alston -Rebirth EP  (spiritual jazz -soulful ******

Malik Alston -Rebirth EP (spiritual jazz -soulful ******


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Following the late night swing of Javonntte's HM002, Hardmatter uncovers another Detroit talent for their third offering: Malik Alston. In his first vinyl release in several years, the Rebirth EP explores a spiritual jazz soundscape with all of the verve of the city's trusted sound. Beside the soulful ballad of Love Changes featuring Evan on guitar, the record's lead song, I Am, focuses on Malik's signature instrumentation and live improvisation. The track is a seven minute collaboration between Craig Huckaby, Howard Wazeerud-Din II and Hardmatterís own Zapata, who complement Malik's gospel-inspired vocals, the first time he has sung on a track in four
Label: Hardmatter