Lund&Rønde & Dimensionhopper - SPT001 [2 tracks high-quality epic trance!! ** ltd copies !!

Space Trax

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The label premiere of "Space Trax“ features the Danish artists Dimensionhopper (aka Schacke) and Lund&Rønde. Based in Copenhagen, all artists have a huge impact on the local electronic music scene, being members of the rising Fast Forward Agency as well as releasing constant high-quality music through their labels VALIS and Bunkerbauer. For SPT001 they have contributed 2 tracks each - Lund&Rønde with their dark floating "Halcyon Days“ and the golden happiness number "Boost“, Dimensionhopper with a Club Mix of his apocalyptic "Intelligent Life Form Passing By“ and an epic new production called "Another Day In Dreamworld“.
Label: Space Trax