LT - Forest Floor  (Rhythm Section !!  BIG TIP!!!!!!!!

LT - Forest Floor (Rhythm Section !! BIG TIP!!!!!!!!

Rhythm Section

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After a debut outing on International Black last year with his best friend Mallard, LT graduates onto Rhythm Section INTL with a stunning debut solo effort: FOREST FLOOR.

Aged just 20 years old, Lewis Taylor aka LT is another prodigal talent from the north of England, whose association with Rhythm Section goes back to his school days. A fan of the label from an early age, Lewis regularly made pilgrimages to the pool hall as soon as he was old enough to do so. It was these visits with his old school friend Mallard (who had recently moved down to London from Derbyshire to study music) which proved to be a formative influence, prompting him to try his hand at production...It turned out he was quite the natural, with his second ever effort as an 18 year old making it onto this very EP.

1. Untitled (Chesney)

2. Mesosphere

3. Forest Floor

4. North Circular

Label: Rhythm Section