Leston Paul ‎– Let's Party Tonight  (Boogie, Disco !!  TIP!!

Leston Paul ‎– Let's Party Tonight (Boogie, Disco !! TIP!!

Cree Records

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Being totally infected in the mid Seventies by the new possibilities analog synthesizers were offering in sound and studio production, Leston Paul became the pioneer in electronic music production in the early Eighties in Trinidad. Leston Paul is one of the most in-demand music producers and arrangers in the Carribeans. It is said that he has worked as a producer on more than twenty thousand recordings. In 1983 Leston Paul felt the time was right to record his debut album, 'The Arrival' which was done at K.H. Studios in Port of Spain. His obsession with synthesizers led to a heavy use of electronic instruments like an Oberheim synth, a Roland bass machine, a Roland drum machine and a Simmons Digital Clap Machine on this record. Most of the instruments were played by Leston himself. On vocals he used well known singers like Charmaine Forde, Nadie La Fond, Carl & Carol Jacobs, Joanne Wilson and Peter Britto.
Label: Cree Records