Lawrence Le Doux - OYSTERBALLADS1 [Ltd to 150 copies ***

Kalahari Oyster Cult

  • $30.00

In parallel to its club-friendly endeavours, Kalahari Oyster Cult is proud to announce the launch of a new series called Oyster Ballads. As its name suggests, Oyster Ballads will focus on the quieter spectrum of electro-powered semantics, from meditative ambient ballads to escapist downtempo jams. Made of recycled vinyl and cardboard, each Oyster Ballads comes out folded in a unique artwork, depicting a singular form of a hybridised mineral named 'plastiglomerate' - literally, an amalgam of plastic waste gathered by the involved musician and fused together by Japanese eco-artist Sae Honda to form a singular piece of art that doesn't just question notions as waste and upcycling, but aims to more largely invite to reconsider the position of art as a vector for change. Taking the helm of the series first number, Vlek affiliate and chief experimentalist Lawrence Le Doux punches in with a four-track delight of organic textures and laid-back tempi, taking us for a riveting journey across a zen garden of chimey harmonics and breezy synth oscillations. Blending in wistful Spanish guitar riffs, oblique drum programming and aqueous bass stabs, the slow-moving opener 'Petal' entices us in a realm of vaporous beauty before vegetal riddim 'Anther' has us zoning out into further uncluttered, sub-aquatic dubby domains.
Label: Kalahari Oyster Cult