KNIGHT ACTION -R-TRAX  available again for 2018. Essential !  Chicago house !!

KNIGHT ACTION -R-TRAX available again for 2018. Essential ! Chicago house !!


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Two absolutely legendary pieces of early Chicago house music finally reissued for 2018. Mike Macharello and Duane Thamm JR's Knight Action project was responsible for this colossal 1985 landmark release that saw a heady fusion of Euro influenced and Italo Disco sounds meet in the windy city and in turn create history. Released on Macharello's 'Let's Dance' imprint the 'R-Trax / D-Rail' 12" has long been a holy grail of Chicago house, skeletal drum programming, acidic basslines and manic, strobing claps and toms combine to create a fresh and hedonistic version of the music that Macharello and Thamm JR were playing on the city's infamous WBMX radio station as well as in the clubs and roller rinks. A truly underground flavour, and certainly some of the earliest examples of the House sound that would eventually become synonymous with Chicago, 'R-Trax / D-Rail' both still sound compelling today and continue to wreak havoc on any dance-floor. Chicago's Still Music are proud to present this fully legit, remastered and repressed piece of Chicago house history. A truly pivotal record now made available again for 2018. Essential sound for those who love the real deal - snoozing not advised, OG copies of this monster are hard to come by!