King Sporty & The Ex Tras ‎– Rock Attack     BIG TIP!!

King Sporty & The Ex Tras ‎– Rock Attack BIG TIP!!

Emotional Rescue ‎

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The King Sporty reissue series continues with the lesser known, but no less worthy, Rock Attack. This first time release of the song under the King Sporty name - having previously only been released as by the vocalist in The Ex Tras, Johnny Griffin - brings in to focus the breadth of music, numerous alias and versions used by Noel Williams on his Konduko label. When compiling the series, numerous DJs and collectors suggested that the dubby instrumental track No Wonder, found on King Sporty & The Ex Tra's sole album, Extra Funky, should be included on a loud 12" pressing. What many did not know, however, is that it had already appeared as the flip to what is a vocal version, Rock Attack.
Label: Emotional Rescue ‎