Jeigo - An Odeeig To Midnight  **

Jeigo - An Odeeig To Midnight **

Air Miles

  • $25.00

'An Ode to midnight' opens up the EP with a mellow break beaty feel, think gentle echoed samples, rushing synth lines, complemented with ebbing and flowing structure and full panning vocals. 'By My Side' builds on that broken beat tone, meandering the EP into slightly darker territories. A more stripped back feel gives room for the shifting keys to wash over, the siren call vocals to penetrate and the thudding kick to punch through, anchoring the track as an emotionally driven, more relaxed affair. 'Lime Hawk', with its chopped and fidgety sample lines lifts the release back to the conscious. The track structure toy-fully crescendos and builds, all while an oscillating synth peaks and a more passive bass line keeps the track connected throughout. Floor focussed, zero fussing 'Wing Systems' rounds off the release, the intro drums jolting you into alertness, the wobbly bass perfectly counterpointed by jittery, washing keys.
Label: Air Miles