Instinct - Point Of View [2x12inch Vinyl ** [Uk Garage ..


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Burnski has been as relentless as he has faultless in his work as Instinct. This second album in as many years is another on point garage offering that fuses just the right amount of UKG tradition with forward thinking invention. From sweet-as-chocolate vocal anthems like opener "Show Me" to more dark and twisted late night jams "Select", these are killer cuts with kinetic kicks that cannot fail to get you on your toes. Further highlights come in the form of hyper-speed jam "Twister" with reversed stabs that will melt your face, and the deep bass drills of "Hologram". Point Of View is some seriously heavy weaponry, then. 1. Show Me 2. Bloodhound 3. Pistolwhip 4. Sunstream 5. Select 6. Still Here 7. Twister 8. Ravin Crew 9. Reaction 10. Ripsnorter 11. Hologram 12. Operation
Label: Instinct