Imre Kiss - Strangers  (BIG TIP!!!  ******** WHITE LABELS  PROMOS !

Imre Kiss - Strangers (BIG TIP!!! ******** WHITE LABELS PROMOS !


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Infused with the emotional energy of his previous outings whilst plunging into a wormhole of London-centric sonic references, Strangers is Imre at his most potent and signals a striking return for the Budapest producer. 'Love' opens with that signature husky looped bark/machine rachet and quickly brings up an undulating scuffed kick and squelched percussion. A steady droning and progg-y builder that gives way to crystalline new age pads and morphs into a world-engulfing acid epic; straddling the London-stepped rhythm to it's emphatic techno conclusion. 'She Moves Through Fire' uses these elements in a more stylistic fashion. A slow brooding electro number that combines ghostly synthesised horn blasts with delay-drenched crystalline top lines, stuttering hi-hats, and the imminent arrival of emotional epiphany. A slow burning, total eclipse of the sun. The B-side begins with a beat-less rhythmic techno climb, slammed by wave after wave of swelling sub as layers of sedimentary percussion build up along the shores. Sheared hi-end hits it's peak with a yelping-refrain, setting loose a heaving and thumping kick that rides us out til the end. A stellar set-opening weapon this.
Label: Mörk